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About Robert Peebles

Robert Peebles started in the Financial Services Industry in May 1988 and worked with Liverpool Victoria and CIS until 2006 before he joined Integrity. He brings a wide range of knowledge and years of experience to Integrity from all aspects of the financial services market.

Robert’s industry experience means he can focus on providing bespoke advice on all aspects of finance and insurance. Robert is fully qualified to give mortgage advice from the whole of the market, and works daily in this area. This allows him to focus on the customers needs in a positive manner.

Robert primarily works from his home in Fauldhouse and is happy to meet clients in their own home at a suitable time day or night. He also has access to Integrity’s offices should any clients prefer an office based meeting.

Robert has lived in West Lothian all his life and has a good knowledge of the area and prides himself on the relationships he has built with many customers over the years.

Integrity has ben built on referral and repeat business for 10 years now and Robert is always happy for people to contact him with any mortgage or insurance related queries they have.


Why use me?

A professional approach, building trust from the initial meeting.


There is no charge for our initial consultation. Once we have fully discussed your needs, any costs and charges will be fully explained as part of our recommended solution.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates all our mortgage and insurance advice. This ensures you are fully protected when you take out any policies.


At Integrity we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and can advise on all aspects of property purchasing, mortgages, letting, insurance, pensions and investments.

About Integrity IFA

Integrity IFA are independent financial and mortgage advisers, formed by professional advisers from various backgrounds including; Prudential, Co-op, Axa and the Pearl.  This variety of professional skills and experience has proven to be a service welcomed by our clients as they can meet all their financial needs in one place.

Built upon the foundations of the comprehensive training and grounding in the financial services achieved with this variety of home service companies, our values are key to the way we deal with our clients today.  We continue to deal with over 85% of our clients in their own home, or place of work, at a time to suit them.

Technology is also a driving force for us now and into the future. Our office is 100% paperless with all clients files stored on secure external severs. This provides our business with a fast, process-controlled system that in turn ensures our clients’ information is data protected, safe and secure.

All our clients receive their own secure web site where they can see the values of their investments, in real time, and store important personal documents. It also offers encrypted secure messaging between client and advisers. Recent developments have seen an iPad app and iPhone and smart phone apps allowing clients access to their sites on these devices. You can now also add your online banking and credit cards to the site.

All these new ways of working and communicating allow us to save time and money and mean clients can access their portfolios easier than ever before. This leaves us more time to do what really matters, advising clients, so that they achieve their goals and receive the service they deserve.

As independent financial advisers we offer independent unbiased advice. We work for our clients – not any financial institutions, insurers or banks! This allows us to be free to find the most appropriate products for your needs.

What to expect from working with Robert Peebles

From the first meeting I try to build a personal relationship with my clients so I can fully understand their needs and financial position.

Once I have collected all relevant information, I will discuss each option openly with them in a clear and concise manner ensuring they understand the implications and costs of every different course of action.

I keep my clients fully informed and engaged with everything that is happening throughout the application process and I am always on hand to answer any questions or worries that they may have.


It is my responsibility, as your adviser, to ensure that I have sourced the best and most suitable mortgage for YOU.


A face-to-face service built to create trust and concentrate on YOUR needs, not the providers targets.


FREE first consultations – any applicable fees thereafter are discussed and agreed prior to any commitments being made.